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Check Maté = You Win!

Check Maté = You Win!

Have you tried Check Maté yet? Our our sparkling ginger grapefruit ale with Guayakí Yerba Mate & agave has been a huge hit in the tasting room since it returned last week – come and see what all the fuss is about!

03/20 Wednesday: Geeks who Drink Nintendo Theme Quiz + Tipsy Moon

Our Nintendo Theme Quiz is finally here! Bring $5 for each player on your team for that sweet, sweet cash prize and come test your Nintendo knowledge. We’ll still be accepting a limited number of walk-up teams tonight – if you haven’t registered yet there’s still a chance for you to play. Here’s what you have to look forward for tonight’s Quiz:

-Costume contest with amazing Nintendo themed prizes 

-Video game tournaments around Quiz – bring your Nintendo switch controllers for Super Smash!

-Event themed beers  – “Ocarina of Thyme” limited release, and our double dry Irish potato stout Twice Baked and Mashed through a randall of cacao nibs that we’re calling “Super Smashed”

– “Peaches Be Trippin'” bottles are buy one get one 1/2 off tonight only when you tell your bartender the password: “Another Castle!”

-Specially themed food items from the Tipsy Moon truck- they went above and beyond for tonight with green Yoshi tacos, TMNT Ice Cream bars and more.

We can’t wait to see you all this evening!

Also – congratulations to last week’s winners, “It’s a Boy!” They won for the very first time last week and got the news of a new addition to the family!

03/21 Thursday: Aerospace Industry Night

 It’s Aerospace Industry Night! Ask the bartender for your discount if you work in this field.

03/22 Friday: New Beer Release: Buckey Bee 

We have a very special new beer release for you today: stop by and try “Buckey Bee,” our pale ale with locally foraged California buckwheat (eriogonum fasciculatum) and buckwheat honey! The buckwheat  and honey used in this beer gives it an earthy sweetness reminiscent of home made multigrain bread. This beer was brewed during our International Collaboration Women’s Brew Day; we owe a very special thanks to all the amazing women who came out and helped make this beer! “Buckey Bee” will also be available in crowlers and growlers; you can take some home to share at your next gathering.

03/23 Saturday: BEAVR Homebrew Day & Beer Release

If you already make homebrew or are interested in learning how to, then join us for BEAVR Homebrew Demo day! BEAVR President Travis Hebb will be in the tasting room making a small batch – feel free to ask him questions and learn about this wonderful process! If you want to see how beer is made on a larger scale, we’ll be brewing a beer with last year’s BEAVR President Patrick Ray on our 10bbl system at the same time. Come and learn more about how your favorite drink is made and make some new friends!

We’ll also be releasing the latest BEAVR beer for everyone to try in the tasting room.

If you get hungry in the evening,  Familia Barrios will be here with their delicious Mexican cuisine for dinner.

03/24 Sunday: Mystery Flight Day

It’s Mystery Flight Day! Ask your bartender to pour you a flight of their choice, and if you can guess all 4 beers your flight is only $1. Come by and test your knowledge of our taplist!

03/25 Monday: The “Beat the Bartender Challenge”

Today we’re trying something out for fun – challenge our bartender to a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, and if you win on the first try you get $1 off your beer! Test your luck and see if you can win!

It’s also industry night – ask for your discount if you’re in the food and beverage industry!

Upcoming Events:

4/6 – 2019 LA Beer Festival

4/7 – 2019 Montrose Craft Beer Fest

4/11 – Beer Chess

4/27 – Palmdale Poppies Festival 

10/12 – Kaleidoscope Music & Art Festival

Let us host your next special event!

If you are looking for somewhere to host your next birthday, company party or wedding, look no further! We are happy to announce that our new event space is open and available to rent! Email us at for more information if you are interested. 

Don’t forget about our Tesla Charging Station!

We’re excited to provide another Tesla Motors charging station here in the AV – and we’re pretty sure we’re the only brewery in LA County to have one of these! Now you can come and chill with us while you charge your electric vehicle. Want to see if your car is compatible? Click here to find out.

Upcoming Food Trucks:

3/27 – Tomski Sausage

3/29 – Tipsy Moon

3/30 – Familia Barrios

4/3 –   Roni Macaroni

4/5 –  Tomski Sausage

4/6 –  Familia Barrios

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